Meet Our Team

A. Leo Pelds, PE & PLS

Chairman Emeritus

Voldemars “Wally” Pelds, PE & PLS

President, Principal Engineer

Ingrida Steinblums

Treasurer, Office Manager

About me: Meteor showers have piqued my interest in recent years. Every once in a while, you will find me and my family on a quiet country road in the middle of the night, looking up at the stars and counting our blessings.

Why I like Pelds: Mondays are my favorite at Pelds Design Services. Our Monday morning meetings create such a sense of promise for the work week. These moments are very special to me.

Ed Pelds

Vice President, Principal Project Manager

Daniel Willrich, AIA

Director of Architecture, Business Development

About Me: I enjoy spending my fall Saturdays cheering on the Iowa State Cyclones. I am a big fan of the Cyclones, not only because I graduated from Iowa State, but also because I was a Tight End on the football team my freshman year.

Why I Like Pelds: The cool thing about being an architect at Pelds is the synergy between me and the in-house site planning staff. This allows us to create projects that meld building and site. This relationship also brings a different design perspective to site planning.

Elara Jondle, P.E.

Director of Land Development

About me: My name, Elara, is the eighth largest moon of Jupiter. When I’m not busy playing chauffeur to my two kids, I enjoy playing volleyball and dabbling in many creative outlets such as photography, wheel thrown pottery, sewing, knitting, cooking and reading.

Why I like Pelds: While in high school I attended a conference for Women in Science and Engineering and knew I had found something for me. I chose civil engineering because I can physically see and touch results of my hard work, compared to some other fields of engineering. I am proud to be a part of the design of something used by the community by turning a client’s dream into reality.

Lance Burke

CAD Manager

Nick Day

Project Engineer

About me: My favorite thing to do outside the office is play sports. My wife has gotten me into playing volleyball quite a bit lately, but I enjoy just about every sport. I’m also a big Hawkeye fan, and attended the University of Iowa where I played baseball and studied Industrial Engineering.

Why I like Pelds: I really enjoy the family oriented culture of working at Pelds. We truly feel like we are working for each other. We each have our own experience and knowledge base, and while a lot of the work is completed individually, there is still a great team presence.

Robert Gilles

Intern Architect

About me: Outside of the office, I enjoy working on and I am always improving upon my home, whether it be the physical workings of the house or the role I play as a husband and father.

Why I like Pelds: I like Pelds because it has allowed me to play a diverse role within the office that has a multiple discipline partnership. It’s given me the freedom to use a wide range of my own skills in architectural, survey & site planning, while being able to build more on my knowledge of the construction industry. I feel so privileged to have such good relationships with my co-workers and the clients who I’ve collaborated with during my time here.

The more I work with this team, the more inspired I’ve become.

Arnis Steinblums

Survey Crew Chief

About me: I am a family man. I enjoy outdoor adventures, fishing, and kayaking. I also enjoy traveling, but there is nothing I love to do more than to come home.

Why I Like Pelds: In my time working for Pelds, I have traveled all across Iowa. I believe I can say that I have visited all 99 counties. The town squares, the courthouses, and the people have made wonderful memories along the way.

Alex Bradfield

Engineering CAD Technician

About me: I am an amateur drummer who practices regularly on weekends. One day I hope to be able to play my favorite song, La Villa Strangiato.

Why I Like Pelds: I’d have to say that what I enjoy about working at Pelds is the sense of camaraderie we all have. We never hesitate to stop and help one another when needed.

Tyson Prentice


Amanda Bass

Virtual Design Specialist

About Me: I have a bit of a green thumb, I love to spend my summers gardening and landscaping, and I have lots of houseplants. I also love animals and helping animals.

Why I Like Pelds: The fun thing working at Pelds as a Virtual Design Coordinator is the comradery between everybody, it’s a fun place to work. I also LOVE Revit and seeing ideas become 3D models, it’s a lot of fun.