Project Description

The City of Dallas Center had outgrown the Roy R. Estle Memorial Library and needed more space The exsting building and site offered several challenges for the design team. The program called for a total of roughly 10,000 sf.which included a childrens area and program room in addition to space for books. This ment there was a need for a 5,500 sf addition. The exisitng building was a 42’ wide building on a 50’ wide site and was designed by localy famous architect Bill Waggoner in the 1970s. City officials wanted an addition and remodel that met all the needs of the library, respected the orignal colonial style architecture, but were concerned that the shape of the site would result in along “boxcar” like building.

Pelds Design Services was hired to design the addition and plan the remodel. The design team responded to the challenges of the project by offsetting pieces of the addition both horizontally and vertically to break up the length of the building. Dormers were added to the existing roof to mirror dormers on the addition. Exterior detailing on the addition mimicked the original building. On the interior, a ceiling detail and varying ceiling heights were implemented to help break up the feeling of the long building. On the site, a small but much needed parking lot was included in the project.

This project is currently under construction and will be completed in March of 2021.